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I, understand that spending my money locally is vital to my local economy and my quality of life. Not only does it provide the sales revenue to keep my family and friends employed with good paying jobs, it also protects our local quality of life. Sales tax revenue is the lifeblood of critical services like police, fire, roads, and parks. Without these revenues, the quality of life we hold so dear would be severely harmed. By doing my part, and shopping at home, in the Antelope Valley, I am investing in my community and my long-term prosperity.

With this in mind, I pledge to spend my money locally starting this holiday season. By patronizing local stores, I will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our local quality of life will remain strong and our economy can improve. In doing so, I will also give a priceless gift to all of my friends and neighbors whose livelihoods depend on the decisions I make.

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