Welcome to AVPledge.

We are you.
People who live in this community who want to make a difference. We are not funded by anyone. Everything is contributed by local businesses and people like you.

Remember that when people spend money the economy works.

When we stop spending money, the economy dries up. We just need to make a change in habits so that when people spend the money they were going to spend, they spend it here.

Spending it here keeps jobs in our community.
Spending it here keeps tax dollars in our community, which pay for police officers and firemen and the infrastructure we need. Spending it here supports our economy instead of an economy somewhere else.

Support employers that are local First Certified.
Local First Certified Employers are stores, restaurants, school districts, charities, businesses that have committed to supporting our local economy. They have taken the 4 steps needed to become local first certified, and have pledged to Local First whenever possible.
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"We can make a difference, but we have to act now."

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